I’m a photographer born and raised in the suburbs just outside the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After Graduating from high school I joined the military. I’ve always been interested in history and pretty much anything with an engine. So I drove around various armored vehicles and fired some big guns for a while. This was just as awesome as I expected it to be when I dreamed about these things as a little boy. Then somehow I got hooked with photography.

In 2010 I started my study at the Dutch School for Photography (De Nederlandse Fotovakschool). I did a year of internship with the Dutch armed forces to learn the diversity of photojournalism. I love photojournalism. The images just compose themself in front of your eyes, you only need to take everything in account. Be at the right place at the right time and press the shutter.

After Graduating from the Fotovakschool in 2013 I fully focused on my own company called “Javelin Photos” and started specializing in on-location shoots. I prefer to set my light and subjects into the most impractical places and make the best out of the situation. From early 2016  I will be working as a photography for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. This way I combine both my love for photojournalism and working on location. Either way, as I move forward, I want to focus more and more on telling stories with my photos. The possibilities are endless, as are the hours I spent on it. It’s an obsession really. since 2015 I started a blog called “The Photo Issue“. This way I have a way to tell my story in a more personal way.

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Contact info:

Jasper Verolme

The Netherlands