Javelinphotos Javelinphotos

Quick Facts & Truths

Rotterdam Based

Lifestyle / Travel

Combat camera for a living

Thinks he’s adventurous

Regrets his company name

Born in ’89


Photography 90%
photojournalism 80%
Photoshop 70%
World domination 40%


I was born in the Netherlands in 1989. I specializes in environmental portraiture and strive to create beautiful and unexpected photographs of people and the spaces they occupy. Combining both natural light and studio strobes is my way to go. I sculpt light to create mood and atmosphere. a photograph that tells stories and hopefully spark curiosity in the viewer.

Military photojournalism

Aside from my work as a commercial photographer I also work as a photojournalist with the ministerie of defensie. My work bring me around the world. In this job I do pretty much the same thing as I do when im at home, but in a bit more exciting environments.