I’m a commercial photographer living in The Netherlands. I travel the world but Rotterdam is what I call home. Born in 1989 I developed myself as a creative person and a fulltime adventurer. I graduated photography in 2013. My passion lies with photographing people and photojournalism.

I’m drawn to character and story-driven, cinematic imagery.


In 2013 I started Javelinphotos. By this time I knew photography was going to be my destiny, I wanted to get more serious in making it a business. I specialized in portraiture and commercial photography. I worked as a fulltime photographer ever since I switched to the military. Now I only do small project which I feel are fitting to my kind of photography.


Since 2016 I am working as a military photographer with the Dutch ministry of Defence. In this job I photograph everything from deployments overseas to portraiture within our own borders. We work on land, sea and air, following our troops everywhere they go. We are responsible for all the photo and video material our ministry publish alongside the 5 magazines we produce ourself.

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